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People who want to achieve a beautiful and healthy body can count on Medical Weight Loss and Beauty. It is a premier wellness clinic in Pasadena, California. Dr. James Kojian, a popular weight loss doctor is the one supervising the clinic and ensuring that clients will get the most out of their visit. Aside from weight loss, Medical Weight Loss and Beauty also offers beauty services such as premium facials and lip fillers. Should you wish to avail yourself of their high-quality premium fillers, feel free to contact them to book an appointment. You can also visit as a walk-in client.

Why are lip fillers popular?

Lip filler injections are a common procedure. in fact, in 2018, there are over 2.1 million lip filler injections performed. one of the reasons why lip fillers are popular is that it helps your lips regain or increase volume. lip fillers also help you achieve your desired lip appearance so as to boost your self-esteem.

Who can benefit from lip fillers and how long do lip fillers last?

The decision to undergo lip filler injection is more of a personal choice. It all boils down to someone's desire to improve their overall appearance. However, to be eligible for lip filler injections, you should be in your perfect state of health. you should not have canker sores, cold sores, or active infections in the mouth. there are various reasons why you should consider lip fillers such as to increase the size of the lips and restore the lip’s previous size. Your lips may become thinner or smaller as you age. The philtrum, which is the groove between the septum and upper lip could lengthen and flatten. The lip filler can also help correct the shape of the lips. Lip shape correction is done because some people have asymmetrical lips, which can significantly affect their overall appearance. Another reason for injecting lip filler is to smooth out wrinkles or so-called laugh lines – the lines that develop on the sides of the mouth. As your lips’ appearance looks good, your confidence follows. It’s one of the best ways to boost self-esteem and confidence. How long do lip fillers last? They last for over a year, ideally 12 to 18 months depending on how fast your body metabolizes calories into energy. Lip fillers don’t last long for younger people because they tend to burn calories faster than older people.

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