Do Lip Injections Feel Hard? An Expert's Guide

Are you considering getting lip fillers but are worried about the pain? You're not alone. Many people are curious to know if lip injections hurt or if they can feel them on their lips after the augmentation procedure. The good news is that when done correctly, you shouldn't feel anything but softer and more supple lips. It's normal for your lips to feel stiff and firm for the first two weeks after the injection.

This should disappear over time. If it doesn't, contact the doctor who injected you. Right after the procedure, your lips may be bloated and feel very solid. You may be instructed to massage any lumps between your thumb and forefinger, which shouldn't hurt due to the numbing cream.

However, once the cream wears off, they may be painful for 12 hours. Lip fillers have become synonymous with increasing volume, but they have a number of other benefits too. They can help even out your lips if one is naturally fuller than the other, and they can also help lift wrinkles and folds when injected into those areas. It's very common to feel bumps on the skin in the days after injecting dermal fillers into your face, including the body of your upper lip and cheeks and chin area.

In some cases, when too much filler is injected, your teeth may no longer be visible, which can look strange and unnatural. It's important to remember that lip fillers come with risks. You may have read horror stories or seen images of lip filler results that went wrong circulating online. Most lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that the body naturally produces in a soft, clear gel.Your doctor will advise you not to kiss or touch your lips with your fingers because the fillers have not yet fully settled.

They will also advise you not to take sips from a straw or drink hot liquids because your lips will remain numb and swollen and put you at risk of injury or embarrassment.We've put together a complete list of frequently asked questions about lip fillers that details everything you need to know about this phenomenal cosmetic procedure that Hollywood celebrities can't get enough of.

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